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What To Consider Before Doing A Kitchen Renovation

As I look to refresh some parts of our house this Spring - the kitchen happens to be one of the rooms in the house that needs a little TLC. Our house is 17 years old and needs some trend updates. While researching what we would do, I came across these additional great ideas that I thought I would share.


Paneled doors allow you to have a large fridge but it still blends in with the look of the cabinets. Double ovens and warming drawers allow you to get the whole meal done and warm easily.


Seating areas on two sides versus one allows you to fit more people and make conversations flow easier. A regular or prep sink on the island can be an added bonus.


Having a pull-out drawer is convenient and easy to work with. Pull-out drawers in the pantry make it easy to find and organize your items.

This + That

Under-cabinet lighting provides that little extra light that is so often needed.

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