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In the Kitchen with Joe Rock - Lessons Well Learned

As some of you may know who follow me - every couple weeks or so, my magnificent husband creates some magical meal that he shares with you, and I get the luxury of consuming. I have found that he delights in making me happy with all this good food but is often reticent to share his secrets. 

So this past weekend we saw a great article in the New York Times by Becky Hughes regarding the Cooking Tips their staff swear by. So I asked Joe which ones he stood by and what he would add to the list.

  • Make sure you taste your dish while you are cooking. I have noticed that the really good chefs measure their progress by look/texture, feel and taste.
  • Be diligent about refrigerator organization - make sure that you have your perishables organized from oldest to freshest.  This way you don't waste what you have purchased and you are also careful not to consume anything aged.  This does mean that you may have to purchase fresh vegetables etc more than once a week - but it is worth it.  
  • Multiples of Sauce - whenever Joe is making meatballs and sauce (AKA Sunday Sauce!) - he makes 2X what we need.  We find that the sauce gets used in different dishes throughout the week and is such a great add!
  • Adding Salt - now this historically would have been a no-no in my house growing up. The belief was that you would season to your own taste when the meal was ready to serve. But my experience with Joe's cooking is that there is not a dish he makes where adding Pink Himalayan Sea Salt has not made a world of difference to the meal. And if we go back to point #1 - if he is tasting as he goes - you cannot go wrong!
  • Having a "garbage" bowl - this is probably true of any experienced cooks/chefs - a place where you put all your food scraps, making clean up just that much easier.
  • The Convection Oven - now this is an appliance Joe never used when we were first married and it is his go-to for roasting potatoes and crisp veggies in record time!
  • Making cleaning part of the process - Joe has always been a master at this. Clean as you go makes the endgame so much more enjoyable. You have had a great meal and you are not staring at a pile of pots, pans, and dishes that need cleaning.


There were some other great ideas in this article - please click the link to read more - https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/28/dining/staff-cooking-tips.html?referringSource=articleShare

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